Is It a Good Idea to Only Replace the Worst Windows In Your Home?

Many houses have that one window that is always leaking air, rattling, or causing trouble in some way or another. If you have one, should you replace it? Yes, you should definitely take the time to replace an old window that is causing problems. However, it may not be wise to only replace that one window if all your windows are approximately the same age. As windows age, they begin to cause more trouble. If you replace one, it is often a good idea to see if more need replacing as well.

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

There are many signs that your windows can give you if they are old and need to be replaced. First, you will often notice a draft. This means hot air leeching into your home during the summer around that window, or cold air during winter months. When the wind blows, you may feel it quite strongly, or you may even notice things move that are near that window. Another sign your window needs to be replaced is rattling. This often means the window is no longer sitting in its frame properly. This could also mean the entire window unit is not sitting in the frame of the house as securely as it should, and this could potentially be dangerous.

By not replacing all the old windows at once, you risk your other old windows continuing to deteriorate. Plus, if you replace one window, you are not as likely to get any type of discount. Many home renovation companies will charge you less if you order all your windows at the same time, since they can buy them in bulk. It saves you money to replace more, plus it also cuts down on your heating and cooling costs once the new windows are in. This is a great double-win for most homeowners.

Call Rusco Windows to See What Shape Your Old Windows Are Really In

Have you taken a look at your old windows recently? If not, then reach out to us here at Rusco Windows. We understand how a few old windows can throw your entire house out of whack. Let us help you see which windows need replacing and which are still good for a few years yet.

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