Installing New Doors for 80 Years

When you have been serving clients throughout the Chicago suburbs for more than 8 decades, like we have here at Rusco, you have the privilege of watching homeowners invest in their homes in different ways. For us, we have seen trends come and go in windows, siding, and doors. We have guided homeowners through decisions as they invest in their home to increase curb appeal, or to simply give them the update that helps them to love their home even more.

When it comes to doors, we have seen our homeowners choose styles and designs that gives their guests a sense of welcome before they even ring the doorbell. Over the past 80 years, we have watched doors change, but the purpose has always been the same – to give a home the first impression of hospitality.

How materials have changed
Doors, believe it or not, have changed quite a bit over the past eight decades. We have had the chance to see the industry use materials from heavy duty steel and wood to light weight composite materials. In any case, we always guide our clients to choose a door that will last, making craftsmanship the number one priority in their decision making process.

More glass
Entry doors and storm doors have increased their visibility throughout the past 80 years with the introduction of more glass. Full view storm doors are quite popular now, as allowing more sun inside gives homes a more airy and open feel. Entry doors are also boasting more glass windows now as well without decreasing the energy efficiency or durability.

More energy savings
Speaking of energy efficiency, one of the best improvements we have been able to witness is the attention to energy savings. Doors today offer an even better seal, meaning homes are draft free and energy bills are less.

We would love to show you what door options are available for your home. Give us a call to set up an appointment in our showroom, where you can speak to one of our professionals. You’ll love what a new door can do for your home!

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