Inspecting Your Doors for Signs of Damage

While we still have a few months of good weather before the Chicago winter weather sets in, many homeowners use the next two months to take time to clean up and inspect the outside of their home. If you have plans to clear out your garden and clean up your yard this fall, be sure to take some time to inspect the inside and outside of your doors. This once per year inspection can help you discover signs of damage before more serious consequences occur. Here are a few things to look for during your inspection.

Broken or Cracked Glass

Sliding doors, front doors, and storm doors can take a beating during the summer months thanks to lots of visitors and entertaining. If any of your doors show cracked or broken glass, it is time to start the replacement process before winter weather arrives.

Chipped Paint

Especially noticeable on your front door, chipped paint can make an otherwise beautiful door look old and shabby. Check the front and back side of the door as well as the surrounding frame for any signs of chipped or cracked paint.

Damaged or Missing Weatherstripping

Your doors require a good seal in order to keep drafts and dust away from the interior of your home. Check each door for a good seal by feeling for drafts as well as looking for light streaming in through the sides of the door. You can also look for signs of damage to the weather stripping around the door and frame; broken, bent, or flattened weatherstripping means you need some repair.

Slamming or Sticking

Each door to your home should be easy to open and close, without slamming or sticking. Take time to open and close each door, noting if there are any issues when doing so.

Call the Professionals

If you are ready to invest in a new door, the autumn season is a perfect time. Your new door will be installed and ready before the temperatures start to drop. Call the team at Rusco to talk about your next project, or just to ask questions about the damage you found during your DIY door inspection. Our professionals are here to help you get the most for your money and to make your home look great.

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