Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with a Skylight Upgrade

Today, we’re all looking for ways to improve our home’s energy efficiency. It might surprise you to learn that adding skylight upgrades could help. Let’s look at some of the ways they could help you spend less on your energy bill.

More Light Means Less Dependence on Electricity

Skylights allow for more natural light to enter the house. You won’t need to turn on as many lights and lamps during the day. They could provide light in the kitchen, living room, closets, or bathrooms, for example.

Artificial light gives off heat. This means that your AC could be working harder in the summer than it should be. Having quality skylights helps you keep the artificial lights off. When the skylights are tinted, it also helps to reduce the amount of heat energy coming into the home. This could help you reduce heating and cooling costs.

Not only can skylights provide more energy efficiency, but they also add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Skylights add a sense of luxury to the home’s design, and they could increase your home’s value.

Quality Matters

Today, there are plenty of options for skylights of various sizes and styles. You can choose those that can open and allow some fresh air into the home. The added ventilation could help to reduce energy costs further. There are also options for tunnel skylights, which work well for small spaces, such as hallways, master closets, or bathrooms.

The skylight you choose will matter for energy efficiency. Always choose skylights that are specifically rated as energy efficient. Double-paned skylights tend to be the most effective.

The Right Location

For optimal energy efficiency, the location of the skylight is important. Talk with the professionals about where the skylights should be placed, as well as the best type for your roof. The experts will talk with you about the options available, the price, and the sorts of benefits you can expect.

The company you choose for the installation is just as important as the quality of the skylight. If they are not installed correctly, they won’t provide the energy efficiency you expect.

Never try to DIY a skylight installation. The risk of seriously damaging your home is too great. Even if the skylight seems to be installed correctly, there is a chance that it’s not watertight. Leave the installation to the Rusco Windows and Doors.

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