How Often Should I Replace My Windows?

As a homeowner, you are naturally interested in keeping your home as updated and in as good repair as possible. When evaluating your next project, you may be wondering if it is time to replace your windows.

The good news is the windows in your home should last for years.

But when they malfunction, start costing you money, become hard to operate, break, or are outdated to the point that they affect the beauty of your home, maybe it’s time to make a change.

To help you make a more informed decision, here are some Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing.

Physical Problems

The first and most obvious time to replace your windows is when they are broken or inoperable.

Common window problems include:

  • The glass is broken, cracked, or loose within the sash.
  • Screens are torn or missing.
  • The sashes are hard to open or won’t stay open.
  • The window, sills, or frames have been damaged by water, wood rot, or insects.
  • The locks aren’t secure.
  • For double-paned windows, the seal has broken and now there is condensation or film between the panes.
  • The windows leak air or water.
  • There is mold growing on the window or surrounding wall.
  • You can see daylight around the window or its components.
  • The weatherstripping has deteriorated or come off.
  • The window is painted or swollen shut.
  • For vinyl windows, the window frame or sashes are warped or brittle.
  • They are coated with lead paint.

In addition to being an inconvenience, these common window problems are hurting your home’s value and curbside appeal, they are making your house less safe, and they are costing you money every single day.

Energy Efficiency Problems

Did you know that your windows take up around 20% of the surface area of the walls in your home? With that in mind, it’s not surprising to learn how much your windows and doors impact your heating and cooling costs.

For example, according to research conducted by Penn State University, replacing older standard single-pane metal windows with modern energy-efficient, double-pane windows can cut your heating and cooling bills by over 30%?

Here are some ways to tell if your windows are inefficient and costing you money:

  • Metal construction (aluminum or steel)
  • Single-paned
  • No Low-E glass
  • No thermal break
  • Not gas-filled
  • Poor weatherstripping
  • Drafty
  • Imperfectly-fitting

Aesthetic Problems

Finally, it may be time to buy replacement windows if your old windows are out-of-style, ugly, or detract from the beauty of the rest of your home.

Windows can even affect the resale value of your home.

According to Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs Value Report, replacement windows have one of the highest Returns on Investment of any home improvement project. Replacing your windows immediately returns nearly 70% of your investment in added value.

When you also factor in the long-term energy savings you will realize month after month and year after year, that investment becomes even more attractive. The beauty, convenience, safety, comfort, and pride of ownership are happy bonuses.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

If you are experiencing any – or all – of these problems, it is time to consider replacement windows. If you live in the greater Chicago area, your first and best local resource is Rusco Windows. For 85 years, Rusco has been your trusted partner helping you with all your home improvement needs.

For more information about replacement windows or to schedule a free home evaluation contact Rusco today

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