How Not Maintaining Your Windows Shorten the Windows Life

Getting new windows gives you a clear view of your property and the world around you. However, it is also a relatively expensive change for your home. You want those windows to keep looking gorgeous and functioning like they should for as long as possible. The best way to make that happen is to make sure you are regularly maintaining your windows. That simple maintenance can extend the life of your window. Here are simple things you can do to maintain your windows regularly.

What Goes Into Window Maintenance?

Window maintenance is often very quick. The first step is inspecting your windows to make sure they are in good shape. Next, you want to make sure your window and all its components are clean. That means washing the glass, the storm, the screen, and the casing. If you have a crank on the window, make sure you wash that as well. That way, your window always opens and closes when you want it to.

What Happens If You Do Not Maintain Your Windows Regularly?

One of the most common problems with windows that do not receive regular maintenance is discoloration. No matter how many times you wash off that window, it will continue to look dirty. The only way to bypass that is to replace the glass or the entire window.

Another issue when you do not do regular window maintenance is that you can easily miss chips or cracks due to only seeing debris. When an issue is minor, it is often easier to repair than when the issue goes on unchecked. Missing a minor issue can lead to a bigger problem and bigger bill down the line.

Call Rusco Windows for Help with Window Maintenance or Replacement

If you need to replace old windows, or if you want help keeping your newer windows operating properly, then call us here at Rusco Windows. We have been helping people with windows (and more) for many years. Reach out to us and tell us how we can help you with your windows. We will then set up a time to come out and get the process started.

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