How French Doors Can Transform Your Home

French doors; the name alone sounds transforming. These doors are a beautiful addition to your home. In addition to being functional and beautiful, French doors also increase the market value. If you are looking for a new home improvement project, consider these reasons for adding French doors.

Added Sunlight

French doors add more sunlight to your room. Standard doors are typically solid and don’t allow natural light inside. French doors are double doors made of full-panel glass. Sunlight brings warmth and light. Your room will be much lighter and airier with French doors.

Energy Efficient

French doors are energy efficient. In the winter months, sunlight can help warm the room and reduce heating costs. In the summertime, on breezy days, opening the French doors can help reduce the cost of air conditioning. Adding built-in mini-blinds will help keep the sunlight out during the hottest months. This will also keep your air conditioning costs down.


There’s no mistaking the elegance French doors add to any room. You see it in the movies all the time, French doors opening up to a beautiful room. Plain, solid doors are not attractive. French doors are available in many designs and trim colors to give your room beauty and elegance.  

Transition from Inside to Out

French doors are a great way to transition from the sunroom or patio to inside the house, giving the illusion of more space. Opening these doors during a family event in your outdoor space allows guests to mingle more easily.

Improving Living Space

Adding French doors to separate a living room from a dining room is a great way to enhance the space. Close the doors when you want a private dinner or open them to entertain large groups. These doors make the space you have more versatile. 

Low Maintenance

French doors do not require a lot of maintenance. Clean the glass if there are fingerprints or dust, and wipe the trim down with a soft cloth. Maintenance is carefree unless there is an accident that causes the glass to break. 

Home Value

French doors increase your home’s market value. Adding French doors will be an asset if you decide to sell your house. Buyers look for features that bring added value when house hunting and French doors are an easy option. 

Give us a call and let us look over your house to determine the best placement for French doors to help enhance your home’s beauty and value.

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