Holiday Entry Inspiration

Whether you are hosting a large holiday gathering in your home or simply wanting to create a beautiful scene to come home to, creating a festive holiday entry area to your house is an essential December task. No matter if your style is traditional, modern, country, or somewhere in between, here is some inspiration to get your front entry looking its best.

Start with Greenery

A merry and bright front entry begins with greenery. Choose evergreen trees (alive or faux work here) in ornate pots on either side of your front door to add a bit of color. Then, carefully swag boughs of greenery around the door. Add an evergreen wreath with a beautiful bow and you have a simple, yet lovely, holiday entrance to your home.

Color Goes a Long Way

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to add some extra color to your home’s entry. Consider bringing in pops of color with a wreath, signs, and a new welcome mat. Choose colors that are complementary to one another and that don’t fight for the spotlight.

Metallics as Neutrals

If using extra color isn’t your style, you can still make your entry merry by using metallic tones as you would use neutral colors. While gold and silver are traditional holiday accents, you can also experiment with bronze or rose gold. Use ribbon or decorative metal accent pieces to create an entry that is welcoming and different from the rest of your neighborhood.

Vary Levels

When placing accent pieces or pots of greenery, be sure to display them at varying levels. Prop up some pieces on tables or other surfaces to create some interest from the curb.

Update Your Door

Finally, all this decorating in the outdoor entry of your home may have you wondering if it is time to replace your entry door. The team at Rusco is ready to help you find a door you will enjoy all year round. Call us to get started!

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