Glass Replacement vs. Window Replacement

Did you know that you can replace the glass in your current windows, without investing in an entirely new window? It’s true; most homeowners do not know about this possible home option. However, there are times when a full window replacement is advisable and a more sound investment down the road. How can you determine if you need to replace just your glass or the entire window? Here are a few thoughts to consider as you make your decision.

The glass is broken
If your window was shattered by a baseball or stray rock, a simple glass fix is likely all that is required, especially if your windows are relatively newer. Simply replacing the broken glass will be a cost effective way to get your window back to normal.

The glass is foggy
A somewhat common problem, foggy glass may seem like a glass replacement fix. However, the symptom of foggy glass often points towards a more serious problem with moisture. In most cases, replacing the foggy glass with a new pane of glass will be a short term fix. If there is a problem with moisture, a full window replacement will assure that the foggy windows don’t return in just a few months or years.

I want to be environmentally conscious
Restoring old windows is not only en vogue, but also a great way to be environmentally conscious. However, know that restoring your old windows requires more than just a glass replacement. Be sure to talk to a windows professional who has experience working with restoration to weigh all of your options.

I don’t like my window design
If you are tired of your current window design, use the opportunity as a chance to switch out the entire window. You get new glass, a new design, and other benefits that include conserved energy and better curb appeal. Work with a professional who can walk you through the process to assure that your new windows will be ones that you love for decades to come.

If you aren’t sure which route you should take – window replacement or glass replacement – don’t worry. The team at Rusco can guide you through your specific situation. Give us a call to get started.

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