Give Your Front Porch and Door a Holiday Facelift

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisper, the leaves are changing color, and fall has given way to upcoming holidays. For many homeowners, this means it is time to start decorating for the season. This includes front porches and doors that are used frequently during these months. And while they are certainly important areas to decorate, it is also important not to overlook the fact that they are considered entry points into your home. As such, they should be decorated in a way that is welcoming to guests while also creating a festive display that inspires the spirit of the holiday season. It also means having a front door that is in good condition and a beautiful entry point to your home.

Looking Great While Staying Safe

You will want to keep safety in mind when decorating your front porch and door for the winter season. With decorative holiday lights popping up all over the place, safety is essential when planning how to properly light up these areas. Make sure to check for UL certification stickers on strings of lights or individual lights if you’ve purchased them separately. And always remember to use an outdoor electrical outlet when using indoor extension cords outdoors.

Make Your Front Door the Centerpiece

While your front door is usually the centerpiece, do not ignore the porch when decorating for the holidays. A well-decorated porch is inviting and makes guests feel welcome before they even step foot in your home and brings the holiday spirit to your entire neighborhood. Add winter foliage such as pine boughs, twigs, leaves, and winter berries to create a festive outdoor display that also provides privacy. Bring the simple touches that you enjoy most to the forefront.

Keep these tips in mind as you start decorating for the holiday season and remember that you should always keep safety first as well as consider how much time you have to spend on decorating. You can keep it simple or elaborate; either way will be inviting to your guests and onlookers alike.  For more tips on giving your entry door a facelift, contact the experienced professionals here at Rusco Windows & Doors.

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