Front Door Features and Options

Here in the Midwest, spring has finally arrived and now would be the best time to replace your front door. Since it may have been a long time since you’ve last replaced a front door (or perhaps you never have had to replace one), you may not be aware of all of the new features or options there are to consider.


For Midwestern climates, the best type of material to use would be fiberglass. Fiberglass front doors have the best features of wood and steel combined. Fiberglass front doors have the look and feel of wood grain, can be painted or pre-stained, are dent-resistant and have a 20-minute fire rating.


Color makes your front door “pop” and enhances the entrance of your home. You can choose from a stain to enhance the look of wood on your fiberglass front door, or you can choose a pre-primed or pre-painted color. Door manufacturers have different stock stains and colors that are available such as dark or light mahogany stain, neutral white or bold hunter green paints. Go with what is the most welcoming selection for your home.


Decorative glass is another style option you will need to consider for your front door. How much privacy and additional style does your front door call for? From frosted to beveled glass, bold geometric patterns to rounded floral edging, your front door glass selection will allow you privacy or transparency.


Along with the glass, you will need to select the type of caming, or metal framework, which hold the glass pieces together on your front door. Caming options typically include brass, nickel, or black. These selections will be a reflection of your family and lifestyle that you present on the exterior of your home’s welcoming front door. Another option to caming is grilles. Grilles give the appearance of window-panes on the exterior or even interior of the front door’s glass and can be wood, aluminum, or wrought iron.


If you have a large front entrance way or additional space around the single front door frame, then you may consider extra decorative elements such as side lights, transoms, or a second door (double-door system), or any combination of those. Transoms and side lights allow additional light to pour into your entry way while making a dramatic style statement to the outside. A double-door system allows for double the space to accommodate entry (especially helpful if you tend to have larger pieces of furniture or fixtures being moved in or out of the home frequently), and of course makes a dramatic style impact from the exterior as well.


Be sure to protect your front door and home with a solid set of hardware. Locks and handles can add to the look of your new front door while doing an excellent job of protecting your most valuable assets. There are tons of stylish options available in a variety of finishes to compliment your style.


Choosing the right front door to enhance your entrance doesn’t have to be a chore. Call Rusco Windows and Doors today to schedule a free quote. Along with the free quote, you’ll learn all about our selection of front doors available from ProVia Doors, Albany Door, and ThermaTru Doors. With a variety of choices, we can help you find the front door that will provide all the features and styles you want.


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