Focus on Curb Appeal Now to Sell Your Home This Spring

The spring season is only a few months away, which means you only have 6-8 weeks to prepare your home if you are planning on putting it on the real estate market. The spring season is typically a strong time of year for the Chicagoland market, but if your home isn’t looking its best, you could end up sitting on the market for too long or even lowering your asking price. 

Fortunately, you can begin preparing for the market right now to assure your house is ready when the time comes. Curb appeal may not be on the top of your priority list, especially since your sidewalk and yard is covered in snow. However, now is actually the perfect time to begin investing in curb appeal boosting projects.

Paint Your Front Door

The quickest way to add a punch of style to your house is to paint the front door. Even the most traditional home buyer cannot resist a bold red, blue, black, or yellow on the front door – as long as it coordinates with the rest of the exterior color palette. While you are painting, if you notice your entry door is looking extra old or shabby, consider replacing it altogether. It is well worth the investment and buyers will love it.

Double Check Gutters and Soffit

If your gutters are cluttered or full of debris, ice damming is not far away. Homebuyers are sure to notice if your gutter and soffit systems are not functioning, so be sure to fix it now, before the spring thaw begins.

Upgrade Your Windows

While you don’t have to replace every window in your home, even upgrading a few or adding a custom window can go a long way with buyers. Consider adding more natural light to dark and dingy corners of your home with a new window or increase the energy efficiency of your house with a few new replacement windows. 

Clean Up Your Siding

Finally, don’t forget to inspect your house’s siding before putting it on the market. If your siding is relatively new and in good shape, a quick power wash will do wonders when it comes to curb appeal. However, if it has been more than 15 years since you replaced your siding, or if it is looking haggard, you aren’t the only one who will notice – your buyers will too. Consider investing in a siding upgrade before you hit the market.

For any of your home exterior needs, call the team at Rusco. We specialize in custom windows and doors for homes in the Chicago suburbs and would love to work with you as you prepare your house for a successful spring sale. Call us today to get started.

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