Examples Of Interior Door Styles

These days, interior doors come in many shapes and sizes. From the modern to traditional doors, you can find them all. Whether you are looking for an interior door style that will match your home or one to give it a personalized feel, there is something out there for everyone. Each of these interior door styles would work well in different settings based on their design. Below we have listed examples of each interior door style, how they look, and what type of setting they fit in best. Which type of door inspires you?

Curved Doors

Curved doors are very unique and can really stand out in a home. When it comes to curved doors, they are available in two different options: swing or sliding.

Curved doors have been starting to show up more often as people have been including them into their contemporary homes. These doors look good with almost any interior style because of their unique shape. If you want a door that will make your home pop, consider getting a curved door for inside your house.

Modern Doors

Modern interior doors come in all shapes and sizes and can enhance the look of your home significantly. Whether you want a modern entryway door or something like an office space divider, there is one out there for you.

If you do choose to use this type of interior door, either try to match it with other modern features in your home or go for something that contrasts well. This will help the door stand out without being too much.

Traditional Interior Doors

Traditional interior doors are still very popular and can be found in many homes today. The traditional design makes them look great when paired with certain styles but don’t always fit into contemporary spaces well due to their classic shape. There are multiple types of traditional styles including panel, shaker, flat panel, and more. It all comes down to what type of look you want for your home when choosing a traditional door style.

Other Door Styles

There are multiple other styles of interior doors including arched, French, sliding, barn, and more. Every type of home has a different need and finding the right door can be hard to do. If you want help choosing an interior door style, feel free to contact us here at Rusco Windows, and we will assist you so you get the exact look you want!


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