Entertaining in Your Sunroom This Thanksgiving

Your sunroom has the potential to be the most used space in your house. A sunroom can allow you to enjoy the sunshine in any season, watch the rain fall while cozied up with a good book, and enjoy summer treats like ice cream without seasonal annoyances like mosquitoes. Perhaps one of the most overlooked reasons to get a sunroom is to increase usable entertaining space.

This Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season, give your guests more space to chat and eat by utilizing your sunroom. Here are a few ways you can seamlessly encourage guests to hang out in your sunroom throughout the events you host.

Add Some Decorations

Your sunroom is more likely to be used when it feels like a part of the rest of the house. To make your guests feel welcome in your sunrooms space, make sure you add a few decorations. Add festive or simple wreaths to the windows by hanging them with beautiful ribbons. Add a cluster of pumpkins or bouquets of flowers, as well as a few candles for cozy lighting accents. Your guests are more likely to congregate in the space if it feels welcoming, and decorations can add that element to the room.

Set the Stage

If you want guests to use your sunroom space, be sure to set it up appropriately. Add an extra table with a few decks of cards, or comfortable seating that encourages relaxing conversation.

Give it a Purpose

Your sunroom gives you an additional option for when you are trying to figure out how to cram four more cousins into your already crowded dining room. Make the sunroom the designated spot for the kids’ table or put out large banquet tables and use the sunroom as the home for your buffet line. We love the idea of making your sunroom the hot spot for desserts, keeping the sweet treats and coffee bar there for after dinner conversations.

Make It Happen

Does your home need some extra space for entertaining, or are you simply looking for a way to bring more light and usable space to your house? A new sunroom may be more affordable than you expect, and you will find yourself using it throughout the year. Talk to the design consultants at Rusco about your needs and goals. We love working with homeowners throughout Chicagoland and seeing how happy they are with our results!

Remember, our new office is located at 1740 International Parkway in Woodridge. While our showroom is not ready for customers yet, our office is still up and running, giving homeowners the doors, sunrooms, decking, siding, windows, and roofing they need to make their homes even better. Let’s work together soon!

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