Energy Advice for Older Homes

Old homes can be beautiful relics of the past. What’s not so beautiful are the energy bills that they produce. Older homes are typically not as well insulated which allows heat to escape right through the cracks of doors, walls and windows. Mechanical systems and appliances are also culprits of wasting energy.

Some homeowners are hesitant to replace old windows and doors because they do not want to lose that historic feeling. Luckily, windows and doors can be manufactured to have that historical look to match the style of your home. Energy Star qualified windows can lower household bills by 7-15 percent!

You may want to restore old wooden instead of replacing them. Great! Windows that predate the 1950s are usually made from valuable, old-growth wood which is harder to come by these days. This type of wood is thicker, more dense and more rot-resistant. Fortunately these types of windows can be repaired if a small component becomes damaged. Be aware that older homes (prior to 1978) may have lead paint. Before digging into repair projects, including window repairs, make sure to learn how to work lead safe .

The simplest ways to gain more energy efficiency from historic windows are to add weather stripping to the sash, make sure that the sash lock holds the meeting rails tightly together, and to caulk the window’s interior and exterior casing to stop air leaks. For additional energy savings, noise reduction, and/or security, storm windows that use low-E or laminated glass are also an option. To learn more about these types of windows please visit our manufacturers page to help get your old home more energy efficient.

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