Easy Ways to Transform Your Deck for Entertaining

Your deck and backyard space can quickly become the most used “room” in your home during the summer and autumn months. Whether you are choosing to move your family dinner from the kitchen table to the patio furniture for a weeknight meal or hosting a large group celebration, your deck can be the star of the season. With just a few additions to your deck space, you can convert it from normal to extraordinary. Here are a few tips to get you started as you make your outdoor space amazing.

Add an Outdoor Rug
A well placed outdoor rug can add a pop of color that will bring your deck space to a whole new level. Look for a large one to put under your table area or smaller ones to designate specific areas of your deck. Go ahead and choose bright colors and fun geometric patterns; you have some extra leeway to go outside of your typical style box when you decorate your outdoor space, so cut loose and try something new!

Plant in Unusual Vessels
Your deck can be decorated with plants, either veggies or flowers. Use funky and unusual vessels to plant in, like a brightly colored colander, vintage looking coffee cans, or tin bowls you picked up from the antique market. Just be sure that you drill a few small holes in the bottom of the containers before you plant to assure healthy water drainage.

Use Levels to Add Interest
When you are arranging your potted plants or other decoration pieces, try utilizing different levels to add interest. Place varying sizes of small tables near one another, for example.

Think Multipurpose
Your deck should be multipurpose, giving you easy transitions from weeknight meal to quick neighborhood get together. Put your grilling supplies and outdoor tableware in a waterproof bin tucked under the grill space; you can easily grab it when you need it and won’t need to reach in the back of your cabinets.

Add Light
Finally, don’t forget to add some light to your evening gatherings. Use fun string lights; they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your taste or event. Light candles, especially citronella ones to keep bugs at bay, and place throughout the space as well.

If you would love to entertain more on your deck space but are simply too embarrassed of your dangerous or outdated deck, give us a call. There is still plenty of time to have your dream deck designed and installed for you to enjoy this summer.

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