Dress Up Your Door for Autumn

With all things pumpkin spice hitting coffee shops in the Chicago area, your mind might be racing on how to prepare your home for autumn visitors. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and all gatherings in between, the door to your home is the gateway for guests. Create a cozy and welcoming entry with a few of our favorite tips.


Clean It Up
First things first, grab your broom and head out to clean up your entry. Whether you have a large porch or a simple step, take some time to swipe away the cobwebs, leaves, crickets, and other remnants of seasons past. After sweeping, take time to wipe down your door, wash any windows, replace any lightbulbs, and power wash the sidewalk.

Add a Mat
Next, make guests feel extra welcome and festive by adding an autumn inspired welcome mat. We love that options for welcome mats can be a clear representation of the homeowner’s personality, and most can be purchased for less than $30, a little splurge that can go a long way.

Not sure where to start? Check out this simple one, this spooktacular one for Halloween, or this lovely addition to any Thanksgiving feast.

Use a Wreath
Make your front door pop with the addition of a wreath or other colorful hanging. You can check out local flower shops or pumpkin patches for premade wreaths of either living or artificial components, or you can try making your own. Thankfully, you can easily DIY a front door piece even if you don’t fancy yourself as crafty.

If you aren’t quite ready to hot glue your own wreath together, start by using premade letters from Hobby Lobby (the first letter of your family’s last name) and attach seasonal items like tiny pumpkins or acorns. Add a beautiful ribbon to the top and hang from your door. This is a great family craft project to do together, and everyone who comes into your home will love hearing how you did it yourself!

Add Candlelight
Candlelight sets a cozy mood indoors and out. On the evening of your event, add a bit of flickering light by using luminaries or jack-o-lanterns. You can also light candles in beautiful lanterns that you set in different locations and levels throughout your porch area.

Consider a Colorful Upgrade
Finally, if your door just isn’t cutting it any longer, consider installing a new one before winter arrives. Our doors come in many styles and colors that can suit any preference and style. Let our door be the centerpiece of your home, welcoming your guests into your special event.

What will you do with your door this autumn?

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