Double-Glazed Insulated Windows

When winter hits, the cold tends to leak into our homes. In response, homeowners turn up the heat, ultimately causing the heating bill to skyrocket. Fortunately, with today’s window technology, this is no longer necessary. Whether it be Pella Windows , Marvin or Thermal Industries the best way to insulate your home is with double-glaze windows.

Check The u-Value
Windows can let as much as 20% of your homes heat escape the house. This is why, when buying windows, it’s important to look for the u-Value. The u-Value is the rating window companies use to let their consumers determine how energy efficient the windows they’re buying actually are. The u-Value takes into account a windows airflow and emissivity. The emissivity of a product depends on its ability to absorb certain energies and radiate them out of the room (eg: single pane glass has a high emissivity). Ultimately, the lower the airflow and emissivity of the glass, the lower the u-Value, which is what a homeowner concerned with energy efficient windows should be looking for.

While single-glazed windows often have a u-Value around 5.3, double-glazed windows commonly have a u-Values of around 1.8. Ideally, for heavily insulated homes, a homeowner would want to look for a u-Value of 1.3 or lower. And when it finally comes time to search for windows for your home, be sure to consult RUSCO.

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