Dormer Windows

When you have a home that’s 1.5 stories or 2.5 stories it’s often difficult to figure out exactly what to do with that half of a story. Generally when dealing with a half of a story, the roof will cut into the head room and pose problems with standing and performing everyday activities. So do you move to a new home? Do you leave that space empty? Or do you get the most out of where you live? We here at Rusco say you deserve to get the most out of where you already live. And that’s where dormers come in.

A dormer window is that extra window you’ll sometimes see poking out from the roof of a home. Typically smaller, dormer windows can come in many different shapes and sizes, but generally come in three. The three most common dormer windows are a doghouse dormer, a shed dormer, and an eyebrow dormer. All three of which provide that extra space, extra light, and extra balance in your life.

Types of Dormer Windows

A doghouse dormer is named for its doghouse appearance and, though small in appearance, will frequently be seen adding a lot of charm to a 1.5 story beach house. It’s tiny size prevents it from becoming too overbearing on your home, while at the same time providing the extra light and space your half story needs. A common choice amongst homeowners is to turn the new doghouse dormer alcove into a quaint little seat for reading and relaxing.

A shed dormer is larger than a doghouse dormer and named because it looks like a shed on the roof of your home. A shed dormer is a great way to maximize space in a half story and can even provide enough room for a walk in closet, new bathtub or just give you that extra space to turn your attic into the room you’ve always wanted. A typical design of the shed dormer is to make sure there is more window than wall in an effort to optimize the she dormers space and light function.

An eyebrow dormer is aptly named for its eye-like appearance as it peeks out from the roof of your home. Recognized for its curved roof, an eyebrow dormer is generally less bulky than a shed dormer and therefore aesthetically softer. On the inside of the home, eyebrow dormers are less likely to feel like a room extension, like a shed dormer might, and more likely to feel like a safe and comfortable alcove.

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