How Your Doors Affect Your Energy Bills

Your home’s doors play an important role in your household. A well styled front door can make guests feel welcome immediately. Perfectly placed patio doors can bring sunlight into dark corners of your home, while French doors can add to your master bedroom’s classic style. But your doors can do more than express your style or increase your home’s curb appeal. In fact, your doors can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling bills.

Energy Pitfalls of Old Doors

Your doors are truly the gateway to your home. While visitors and guests come into your house through your doors, so do gusting winds and summer humidity. Old doors, and doors made of cheaper materials, do not do a good job of sealing up your home. Without this important seal, your heating and cooling systems need to work harder to keep your set temperature within the home.

Doors without a proper seal are prone to leaks. These leaks let out ideal temperature air from your home. Your air conditioning works harder in the summer when your doors allow cool air to sneak out of your doors. But old doors do more than just leak air, they also allow outside air to come inside. Your air conditioning now has to work double time, as your old doors is allowing hot and humid air from the outside to come into your home.

It is easy to see how even small leaks can make a major difference in your home’s temperature and energy usage. Old or cheaply made doors affect your home’s heating and cooling system all year around, but you will likely notice the difference even more so in the summer and winter months.

Finding Energy Efficient Doors

Fortunately, there is a way to stop the gusting and leaking doors in your home. Quality doors are now made to be even more energy efficient, and with the correct installation, doors can seal up your home and make it impervious to even the most gusty Chicagoland wind. These energy efficient doors can bring down your heating and cooling costs as well as keeping your home’s temperature consistent.

Give us a call to explore our showroom; it is full of energy efficient doors that are beautiful as well as functional. Our expert installation team will assure that your new doors are perfectly fitted to your home, ensuring the best seal for your energy savings. Let’s get started together!

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