Door Trends in 2017

As temperatures get a bit warmer and the promise of spring draws near, you might be preparing for your next exterior home improvement project. If you are considering new doors sooner than later, choose to be wise with your investment and assure that the doors you choose match your style and lifestyle. Checking out a few of the trends for doors this year is a great place to start your search for your perfect door addition.


Remember, trendy doesn’t have to mean that your door will go out of style in a few years. Instead, trends for doors often show us what is happening in architecture and energy efficiency for years to come.


Large scale doors
Grand, large scale doors that make a statement are rapidly becoming popular. Consider trying out an oversized slider that opens to your backyard; it’s a great way to make a statement and to enjoy your beautiful view. These oversized doors truly bring the outside as a part of your home décor. But it isn’t always sliders that are oversized, front doors can get in on the action as well. Consider a large front door for an even grander appearance for your home’s entrance.


Remote access
Many homeowners are choosing to lock up their home with a simple touch on their smartphone. If this sounds like a great idea for your busy lifestyle, find a door that has the capability to be synced with your smartphone security app.


Dark tones
Front doors can always be painted with a pop of color that matches your personality and highlights your exterior. In 2017, many homeowners and designers are choosing darker colors for front door paint. Consider dark navy or even black for a bold statement.


If you aren’t quite sure what type of door would best fit your budget and style, we would love for you to tour our showroom. We have samples and options for even the most reluctant or nervous buyer, and our years of experience make us well equipped to guide you through the process.

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