Door Decorating Disasters

Your front door says a lot about your style, giving guests and passersby a small glimpse into your home’s personality without ever entering the house. However, each of the entry points into your home – your slider that leads to the patio, the back door from the garden – are important to your house’s overall look. You want your doors to look great, and to decorate without doing damage. Unfortunately, not all homeowners have good luck when decorating their doors. Avoid a few decorating disasters by keeping things simple.

Put The Hammer Down

Looking to hang up a seasonal wreath to brighten up your door? Don’t even think about hanging your wreath on the door using a nail. Instead, put the hammer down and opt for a safer option that will keep your door in tip-top shape. A nail in your wooden door, even if it stays there to hang different decorations year round, can cause serious damage to your door. In fact, a nail can even create cracks or make your entryway feel drafty.

Instead of choosing a nail, hang your decorations using a less intrusive hook. Try a hook that is removable, thanks to a double-sided tape system that won’t damage your door when you take it off. You can pick up these hooks almost anywhere and they are durable, capable of securing even your heaviest wreath.

Keep Jambs and Casing Clear

Don’t get too carried away decorating your doors that you clutter up the door jambs, hinges, or casing. Your door works at keeping drafts and dirt at bay, but without a tight seal, you could be doing more damage to your energy bill. Assure your door can close easily and securely while decorated.

Test Anything New

There are quite a few decorations for glass doors or windows that are ideal for homes with kids. For example, glass compatible crayons for drawing on the patio slider while Mom is making dinner or window clings to celebrate an upcoming holiday. However, some of these are not always the easiest to clean up. Before you let your kiddo apply stickers or draw on your glass, do a small test spot first to assure the stickers come off and the markers wipe clean.

Buy Something New

Even the most experienced home decorator cannot make an old and outdated door look great. Sometimes, a new door is the best gift for your home’s style. If you are ready to purchase a new door, you want one that is built to last and one that you will enjoy for years to come. Call the team at Rusco to talk about your upcoming door project; for more than 82 years, we have been helping homeowners throughout Chicagoland give their houses an update with our beautiful doors.

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