Door and Window Spring Maintenance

While we know that we are still at risk for more snow – it is Chicago after all – it is safe to say that spring weather is slowly creeping upon us. Many homeowners are heading outside to inspect their properties after our long and snowy winter. This property walk through is important to catch potential issues before an emergency situation, and to start preventative tasks to keep houses in their best shape.

When you are inspecting your home and property this spring, be sure you are taking a look at your windows and doors. Use a few of our maintenance tasks to keep your doors and windows in their best shape.

Clean them off
First things first, begin by cleaning your windows and doors, outside and inside. Use a solution of soapy water to wipe down not only the glass, but also the framing around the windows. While you are cleaning, take special note of any damage you may find. Cracks in the window itself, or in the framing, as well as any holes, peeling, or other damage could cause you problems this summer.

Caulk any holes
Without a tight seal, your doors or windows will become drafty. Allowing hot summer air into your home will cause your energy bills to increase, so assure you are caulking any damaged areas. If you are finding yourself caulking over areas you caulked last year (and the year before), it is time to consider investing in a new door or window.

Begin researching upgrades
The spring season is an excellent time to get started on your new door or window project. If this year is the year to invest in your home, you should begin your research now so that you can have your new windows or doors installed sooner than later.

The team at Rusco has been working with Chicagoland homeowners for 81 years. We can help you choose the best door or custom window for your home. Stop by our showroom or give us a call so that we can start your project before spring ends.

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