Don’t Wait Another Winter to Get Your New Roof

It can be easy to procrastinate home improvements when there is not a crisis situation. For example, you may realize you need a new roof but since there is no leaking or major damage, you think you can wait a few more months before making the investment.

It is certainly true that a new roof can feel like a major expense for your already busy household. However, hoping your old roof holds out for one more Chicagoland winter in order to save money can be a devastating decision. Here are just a few reasons you should get that new roof now and not after the snow starts falling.

Chicago winters are hard on your roof.
If you have lived in the area for even one winter, you know that Chicago winters are no joke. Your roof (and siding) undergo a lot of abuse during the winter months, and a damaged or old roof will simply not be up for the challenge. Heavy snowfall and ice can add extra weight to your damaged shingles, making the perfect storm for a serious leak situation. Or, chilly winds can pull rotted shingles right off your roof. Don’t assume your old roof has one more winter in it!

Roof repair in crisis situations is expensive.
Your old roof can sustain more damage during the winter months that can lead to flooding, leaking, or other water damage. Not only will you have to invest in a new roof during the winter months, you will also have to pay to repair any water damaged areas.

You can lose heat.
Your roof and siding are your home’s main defense against rising electric bills. An old or damaged roof can be costing you in high utility bills by letting heat out through cracks or drafty areas.

Winter roof installations can be tricky.
If something happens to your old roof in the middle of winter that makes investing in a new roof inevitable, you will quickly find that installation can be tricky. Even for the experienced installation professionals at Rusco, mid-winter roof installation relies heavily on the weather conditions. Weeks can pass without suitable and safe weather conditions for installers, leaving your old roof to continue to leak or cause damage.

Don’t wait through another winter to finally invest in the roof your home desperately needs. Give us a call today to start the process. You can rest cozy and confident this winter with your new roof from Rusco!

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