Don’t Put Off Fall Window Cleaning

Fall is here, which means it is a wonderful time to take care of some outdoor home maintenance. We know, we know – window washing isn’t necessarily at the top of your fun things to do list, but it is an important task for your home. Giving your windows a washing in the autumn has plenty of benefits and is well worth the time and effort. Don’t believe us? Take a look at just a few reasons why you should pencil in this task sooner than later.

It Doesn’t Take as Long as You Think
Even if you have a large home with multiple windows, washing them doesn’t have to be a time intensive task. Recruit your partner or kids to focus on washing the windows from the inside while you tackle the outside duty. Within a few hours, you will be pleased at what a difference it makes and even more pleased that you cranked out the work in a quick manner.

Supplies Needed are Minimal
You don’t have to break the bank buying materials for your autumn window washing. In fact, a window cleaner and paper towels will take care of the inside portion while a mix of vinegar and hot water, along with a squeegee will get the outside sparkling.

Winter is Coming
With the winter season approaching (whether we want it to or not), it is an excellent idea to take care of your windows before the Chicagoland freezing weather sets in. Take care of this task before the daylight ends and sends us all into our homes to hibernate for winter.

Let the Light In
Speaking of daylight, clean windows will bring more of that unfiltered light into your home. Daylight is a hot commodity in the Chicagoland area from October until May, after all. You won’t miss out on a drop if you take time to wash your windows this autumn.

Take One Last Look
Washing your windows this fall also gives you a chance to take one final, detailed look at your home before winter. While washing, you’ll be able to notice potential problems like cracks or leaks that can cause problems during the winter months. You also might notice that your windows are simply getting old, which gives you a few months to save for an upgrade next spring.

Get out the ladder and squeegee, rally the family, and mark this important task off your to-do list this month. Go get ‘em!

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