Do You Clean Your Windows Often Enough?

Many homeowners have asked us how often they need to clean their windows. The frequency varies slightly depending on the environment around the home, but overall, the answer is more often than most homeowners remember to do so. If you do not take the time to clean your windows, it can lead to issues with stains, wearing down of your glass, and even window failure. Instead, we recommend you regularly clean your windows and inspect them as you do so.

How Often Is Often Enough for Cleaning Windows?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the frequency of cleaning windows. Some say whenever they are dirty, but that could lead to daily cleaning in some circumstances. Others say monthly is a great timeframe. We recommend at least once a month you clean your windows, more if you find they are dirty. You want to try and do it when there are clouds overhead so you can see the dirt, but also so your cleaning solution does not end up drying on your glass. This can lead to streaks and even make cleaning your windows more difficult.

What You Need to Do While Cleaning Windows

When you do go through to clean your windows, look at them. Do not just look at them to see if they are clean. Instead, look at the glass, the frame, and every part of the window. When windows need replacing, they show off signs. They tell you there’s a problem. You need to be aware of what to look for during each interaction you have with them. If you notice a draft, cracks, or debris that will not clean off, your windows are trying to tell you something.

Rusco Windows Can Help if Your Windows Are Struggling

Instead of trying in vain to clean old windows, your best bet is to replace them. Reach out to us here at Rusco Windows. We are window experts. We can look at your old windows and help you figure out what your best upgrade would be. On top of drafts and dirty looking glass on old windows, new windows are more efficient and often cut your utility bills. Just one more reason to get new windows and keep them clean!

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