Do Windows Need Regular Cleaning?

A dirty window is common, especially for people who lead busy lives. However, it is not anything to worry about, right? Not so fast. A dirty window is more than an eyesore if left dirty for an extended period of time. What you want is a window that gets totally clean, inside and out, at least 1-2 times per year, if not more. That is because when dirt coats your window, it can lead to layers of damage that can be difficult to detect.

Why Windows Need Cleaning Regularly

A window is beautiful when it is first installed and looks great when it gets cleaned off. However, as time goes on, the window’s glass gets dingy and coated in dust and debris. The frame of the window can begin to rust, or the wood can begin to splinter, but with the coating of debris, this may be hard to notice.

Beyond the frame and the glass, the caulking around the window is also covered when your windows get dirty. Dry caulking shrinks after time, which can lead to window leaks. If your caulk dries up, you may get water in your home, but you will be more apt to have warm air coming in during the summer, and cold air coming in during the winter months.

On top of the damage to your windows, it can also lead to an increase in possible health issues for anyone in your home. Dirty windows lead to an increase in dust, and subsequently, dust mites. You can also wind up with an increase in air pollution, and your windows may begin to develop mold. People in your home can then sneeze or cough more often, along with other health issues that can stem from the spores released into the air.

Never Neglect a Dirty Window

If you have old windows that have been neglected for far too long, then call us here at Rusco Windows. We can come out, see which windows need replacing, and help get you new windows that are going to be much easier to maintain. We understand windows, so call us and let us help.

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