Design Considerations Before Making Your Window Purchase

Homeowners often need to save up for their next big house project. After all, structural changes and replacements, like getting a new roof or adding a sunroom, are expensive. Responsible homeowners make it a priority to assure their new investment is a well thought out purchase. New windows are such an investment, and nearly every homeowner will need to invest in new windows at least one in the course of living in their house. In order to help you make the best decision possible, we have pulled together our 82 years of experience and developed this list of design considerations to think about before making your next window purchase.

Am I replacing current windows or creating new ones?

First things first, are you replacing current windows in your home, or are you seeking to put a window in a place where there currently is not one? This question can help you and your design team in regards to budget and other considerations.

Am I ready to pay a bit more for quality craftsmanship?

This is an important consideration for more than just your budget. Poorly made windows may be less expensive initially, but you will end up paying more in energy bills and replacements. Choosing to invest in quality craftsmanship will not only give you the durability and sustainability, but it will also give your home’s new windows a more classic and timeless look.

What do I like best (and least) about my current windows or space?
When you speak with a consultant at Rusco, we often ask homeowners this question. If you are able to sit and decide what you like and don’t about your current windows, it can guide your decision-making process for purchasing new windows.

Do I want a custom shape, size, or design?

Looking for a bigger change, or a tweak to make your new windows unique? Customized windows are the best option, whether you want a new size, a different shape, or a lovely design. At Rusco, we work with homeowners who choose customized options regularly, and it can make a big difference in upgrading a home’s design.

We would love to work with you as you decide which windows would look best in your space. Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

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