Decorating Your Windows for the Holidays

The holiday season is creeping closer, or perhaps it is already here, depending on how you feel about earlier holiday marketing campaigns. Part of the fun of the holiday season is the anticipation of the upcoming visits and experiences. Decorating your home can be a family tradition that showcases your style while giving a cozy feeling. While you are planning for your upcoming decorations, don’t forget to dress up your windows as well! Read on for a bit of inspiration that can get the whole family involved.
Whether you purchase a bunting from a local store or make one of your own, this decoration is a simple way to add color and festiveness to your windows. Simply tack the string to either side of the window indoors, letting the swag hang in between. Look for bunting in holiday colors, or in colors that accent your home décor.
Bunting can come in a variety of lengths, style and colors. Traditional triangle banners look great, as do banners that feature leaves, Santa hats or other shapes. Most are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a great idea for families who want to add a bit of color without breaking the bank.
Wreaths are always a good idea, and are versatile enough to be hung outside or inside of windows. Experiment with hanging your wreath in different positions, choosing the option that best suits your style and windows. Wreaths can be easily hung inside using big ribbons or attached using invisible suction cup hooks. Plan your wreaths to be decorative when viewed from either side, and your inside decoration just become lovely curb appeal for the outside of your home as well. For a more uniform look, keep wreaths hanging at the same height on each window.
Finally, give your home a warm glow by incorporating lights in your windows. A simple flameless candle light flicker at each window can make guests feel welcome and add to the coziness factor of each room of your home.
Part of living in a home is making it feel just right for the family that lives there. Experiment with your holiday decorating style by giving a little extra attention to your windows this year and see if it becomes a family tradition for holidays to come.

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