Dealing with Window Frost

Winter condensation will often become a problem due to the different air temperatures. Though, as problematic as storm door/window condensation can be, a more common problem is condensation and frost on the window itself. Once winter hits, windows all over America start to frost over, which is why we here at RUSCO want to help you prevent it.

The first step to preventing frost is knowing why it happens. Frost accumulates when the cold air from the outdoors meets the warm moist air on the indoors. When the warm moist air indoors becomes cooler, it can no longer hold as much moisture and the water molecules cling to the window and freeze due to the outdoor temperatures. When this frost melts, it can seep into the wooden frame and wall around a window, ultimately causing paint discoloration, frame cracking, and hazardous mold. Fortunately, there are a few preventative measures one can take when dealing with frost.

Frost Fixes

Weatherize. Before the winter approaches, a homeowner should properly weatherize his or her windows. Install storm windows and make sure the windows are sealed with proper caulking.

Dehumidifier. Run a dehumidifier in any room that is experiencing frost. Keeping the air as dry as possible will help prevent moisture from clinging to your windows.

Warmth. Keeping your home sufficiently warm will also help prevent frost from forming. If you know there is one room that experiences a good deal of frost, consider placing a space heater in that room.

Single to Double. Replace single pane windows with double pane windows. The pocket of air between the windows helps to slow down the transfer of warm and cold air.

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