Custom Windows that Highlight Your Backyard

Huge, statement windows used to only be in homes with million-dollar views of mountains or lakes. However, the past few years have shown us that nearly any home can benefit from the extra light and views of nature that large windows can provide. No matter if your backyard opens up to a nature preserve, a stream, or just your family garden, you can choose to invest in custom windows that make your backyard feel like it is a part of your home’s interior. Here’s how to do it and make it look great.

Bigger Means Better

When it comes to oversized windows, bigger does mean better (in most cases). You can choose to have an entire wall of windows, or just a section of your wall, depending on your style and space. However, choosing windows that run from ceiling to floor is trendy and modern that will still fit into any house style. Don’t be afraid to maximize your natural sunlight by going for a large window!

Clean Lines Look Best

When it comes to oversized windows, especially in a wall of windows, stick to clean lines for a more polished look. Save ornate patterns or embellishments for other custom windows throughout your property.

Consider Adding a Door Element

You can have easy access to the backyard that you love by choosing windows that can easily open and close like a door. While this style is quite popular in more moderate climates so that homeowners can transform their backyard into feeling like an additional room in their home, houses in the Chicagoland area can still enjoy this feature throughout the year.

Try Another Room

An oversized window will look great in almost any living room, but you don’t have to limit yourself. Consider an oversized window in any room that faces your backyard – kitchens and master bedrooms can be especially suited to a large section of windows.

Work with the Right Professional

Don’t compromise your vision by working with a professional that does not specialize in custom windows. Instead, call the design professionals at Rusco. We love working with custom orders and assuring our clients get the results they want. Call us today to get started!

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