Custom Window Trends for 2018

Would you like to set your home apart from the similar models throughout your neighborhood? Adding a custom window to your house can not only boost your curb appeal and your property value, it can also be a major design statement that you are proud of. Whether you are seeking ideas for your next home improvement project or trying to express your personal style in a new way, custom windows are the way to go.

Full wall windows
A trend for 2018, that started a few years ago and is still going strong, is to create a full wall of windows somewhere in your house. Not only can these large windows bring in plenty of natural light and give the impression of an indoor/outdoor space, a full wall of windows can be a better way to create an accent wall that makes a statement. Look for sleek, tall windows side by side that create a wall like look.

Awning windows
Looking for a way to let in extra light but don’t have space for a more traditional shape? Smaller rectangle awning windows can be an option that gives you the light you want in the space you have. These windows work great in hallways or in smaller powder rooms.

These additions can also help your room feel larger and keep your home pleasantly breezy. This style allows for volume fresh air and eliminates any obstruction in the opening, which you may find in a double hung or multiple casement window style.

Geometric designs
Add a bit of architectural interest by adding a window in a unique shape. Whether you choose a hexagon, circle, or half circle, these custom windows can become a piece of art that will be sure to get a conversation started when guests visit.

Get it started
Are you curious what type of custom window may work for your home? Give the team at Rusco a call. We would love to show you different options in our showroom or come out to your home to offer guidance. For more than 81 years, we have been the premier custom window business in the western Chicago suburbs; let’s work together to make your home improvement project a success.

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