Custom Window Treatment Inspiration for Your New Custom Windows

You finally made the decision to move forward with the custom window, or set of windows, you have always wanted. Your investment was a wise one, and you catch yourself looking at your new window every time you pass by. However, your custom window was made just for you and your house, which makes buying window treatments right off the shelf nearly impossible.

If you have recently purchased a custom windowfrom our Rusco team, we want to provide you with a few ideas to add window treatments you will love just as much as your window.

Consider If You Need Treatments At All

If you added your custom window as a design element for your home, you may not want a treatment for it at all. Many of our Rusco clients add a custom window for the design interest, or to add more natural sunlight to a specific space, so window treatments are not essential. Consider living with your new custom window for a few seasons before you decide if you are ready to invest in custom treatments. You may be surprised and decide to skip the treatments entirely.

Maintain the Design

If you do need a bit of protection or shade from sunlight through your custom window, try a treatment that matches the overall design of the window. Pella custom windows offer between the glass blinds or shades that block the glaring sun and provide privacy, but without compromising the window design.

Add Color

If you are seeking sunlight protection, privacy, and a hint of color, consider Roman shades. This design element can make a window the anchor of a room’s aesthetic, and you can find a local professional to custom make your shades just for you.

Research Your Options

Custom window treatments come in a variety of styles and in a multitude of materials ranging from fabrics to wood. We recommend that our clients fully research options before making a decision. Your custom window will continue to look stunning all on its own while you make the best decision possible.

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