Common Window Issues and How to Fix Them

Today, windows are made with production methods that create longer-lasting, more durable finished products. That means fewer maintenance issues and a longer lifespan before they will need to be replaced. However, that doesn’t mean that there will be no issues—sometimes things break or fall into disrepair quicker than we might like. What matters is knowing what to watch for and being proactive so that you can fix issues before they create bigger (and more expensive) problems.

Here are some common issues and their fixes.

Windows Won’t Open or Stay Up

Nothing is worse than trying to open a window only to have it stick, or slide right back down once you’ve got it in position. Windows that won’t open could be facing several issues. Some are painted shut accidentally—that’s a fairly simple fix with a utility knife to break the paint seal.

Other windows may have damaged tracks or components that are keeping them from opening correctly or staying open. Double-hung windows are stylish and efficient, but they have a lot more moving parts and incidents like this can happen without notice if you aren’t careful.

Windows Are Warped or Won’t Close Correctly

This is usually seen with wood windows and frames. If the wood gets too wet too often, it can become warped and damaged over time. This can cause the windows to close incorrectly or not close at all because they are no longer flush with the frame like they should be. If you are dealing with warping issues, you need to reach out to a window professional for information about replacement.

Drafts and Leaking

Drafts and leaks are common in old windows. Over time, they crack, seals wear out, and other wear causes windows to lose their full barrier from the outside elements. You may need to replace seals and weatherstripping on your windows, or there may be a bigger issue present that calls for a full replacement.

Fog/Damaged Seals

When windows fog up, it usually means that the seal is damaged in some way. Heat, age, and harsh weather can damage window seals over time. Then, moisture leaks through the seals, and the cool and warm air mixes, creating a fog that is usually impossible to get rid of without replacing the seals. You could use a defogging spray or even shaving cream in the meantime, but it’s best to call a professional to have the seals replaced.

In fact, it might be best to call Rusco Windows and Doors for any of these issues just to ensure they’re resolved properly.

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