Common Signs of Entry Door Wear and Tear

Your entry door does more than just beautifully welcome guests to your home. The perfect front door will also add to your house’s curb appeal, keep your house safe and secure, and keep blustery winds from creating chilly drafts in your home. While most front doors will last for years, it is common for the majority of homeowners to overlook signs of wear and tear that could point to a replacement or repair investment. 

Unfortunately, an old or damaged front door can lead to decreased energy efficiency which means higher utility bills for you. Further, damaged or old doors can be less secure and decrease your home’s curb appeal, which could even decrease the value of your home to potential buyers. 

Here are a few signs of wear and tear to look for in order to keep your front door operating as it should.

Sticking or Wiggling

When you close your entry door, you shouldn’t have to give it an extra push to latch. You should also not have to push extra hard to get it open due to a sticking problem. While sticking or wiggling can be a sign of a jamb issue, it can also point to needing a new door. If you ignore these issues, they will only get worse, especially during the height of the winter and summer seasons.

Drafts in the Foyer

Entry doors shouldn’t feel drafty, which means your foyer should not feel chilly when the weather is cold outside. Your front door should seal up your home, and if you notice cracked or missing seals on the outside of your door, it can point to the need for repair or replacement. Any signs of drafts, or snow blowing through your broken seals, means it is time to invest in a replacement.

Too Old

Sometimes, your entry door needs to be replaced because it is simply too old. While it has done its job well over the past decade, a new front door will provide you with not only updated styles for your home’s overall curb appeal but will also offer more updated energy efficiency technology that will add to your home’s eco-friendliness.

Are you ready to replace your old or worn entry door? Rusco offers beautiful options that are sturdy, well made, and durable. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the design process to installation and beyond to assure you love your new addition. Call us today to get started.

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