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Colorful Front Door Inspiration

The warmer temperatures and glimpses of summer-like sunshine may give you the desire to give your home a much-needed refresh. An easy way to give the exterior of your home an instant facelift is to give your front door and porch some attention. Here are a few ways you can breathe new life into your front door area and boost your curb appeal that won’t break the bank.

A New Wreath or Swag

Give your front door a new look by putting up a new wreath or floral element. Your wreath can include a floral element (be sure to choose colors that highlight and complement your door and siding color), but you can also show your sense of humor by choosing a wreath made of seasonal items like flip flops or dried herbs from your backyard garden. If you aren’t a wreath lover, you can find a sign that shows off your last name or a welcoming saying so that guests don’t have to look down at your welcome mat for a witty saying.

Add a Sign

Speaking of signs, it is trendy right now to have a tall and narrow sign in the corner of your outdoor entryway. Choose one with a saying that will always be perfect (Welcome, for example), or one that you switch out based on the upcoming holiday or sports season that your family loves.

Flowers and Herbs

Your door and outdoor porch area is a lovely spot for a few tall pots that house your favorite flowers or herbs. Be sure to choose plants that enjoy the sun exposure, or lack thereof, your door area receives each day.

Good Lighting

Finally, summer nights are ideal for entertaining. Be sure your front door is welcoming in the evening hours by updating your outdoor lighting. Invest in a new light for your front door area, or uplighting for your entire home.

Be Sure You Love Your Front Door

No amount of wreaths or flowers will make your front door beautiful if it is old or outdated. If your front door hasn’t been replaced in more than ten years, or if you noticed it was especially drafty this winter, it is likely time to invest in a new door. The design team at Rusco can give you a variety of options that will be durable enough to last you the next ten years, and all in a timeless design that won’t soon go out of style.

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