Cleaning Your Custom Windows

Spring may be the season everyone associates with a good deep clean, but the autumn is also an excellent time of year to start scrubbing. As winter weather approaches, it is wise to take time to clean up your home and take care of some maintenance tasks that will undo the damage of the sun and humidity and prepare your house for the frigid elements ahead. This year, as you begin your fall home maintenance and cleaning routine, be sure you include your custom windows.

Benefits of Clean Windows

When you clean the inside and outside of your windows, you wipe away the dust and dirt that has been accumulating since your last washing. Dust, dirt, and grime can build up quickly on windows, and can greatly affect the amount of natural light that comes in. To assure you are getting the maximum amount of natural light into your home, be sure you do a nice clean of your windows before the weather prohibits it.

Prepare Your Supplies

You can clean your windows with any solution that works best for you. Some homeowners swear by commercial cleaning solutions in bottles while others mix their own solution of warm water and soap or warm water and vinegar. No matter what you choose, be sure you have plenty mixed in a bucket before you start your rounds.

Begin your cleaning with the part of the window that faces the inside of the home. Use a rag, paper towel, and/or squeegee to apply the cleaning solution and wipe it away. Move through your home taking care to clean all window surfaces, including your custom windows and slider doors that feature glass.

Next, clean the side of the window that faces the outside of your home. Easy clean windows make this a breeze with a quick tilt of the glass. However, there will be some windows that you won’t be able to clean from the inside. For these, grab a ladder and head outside to finish up the job. If your home features windows that are too high for you to safely reach, consider contacting a professional for assistance.

While you are cleaning your windows, take notice of any cracks, condensation, or damage to the seal or frame. These could indicate it is time to invest in a new window. Call the team at Rusco to talk more about what you found and how to replace your window with a new one. 

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