Choosing Custom Windows for Your Master Bedroom

After a long day full of work and personal responsibilities, there is nothing quite like heading to bed. Your master bedroom should feel like your own private oasis, giving your body the cue to relax as soon as you open the door. Fortunately, your bedroom does not have to be spacious or feature a double sink en-suite to offer you the chance to relax. With a few upgrades, and investing in improvement projects that give you a big bang for your buck, even the smallest master bedroom can become your favorite space in the home.

One way to enhance design in your master bedroom is to highlight a custom window or set of windows. Custom windows can make a big impact on large or small spaces and can give your room plenty of natural light. Here are a few options to consider as you dream about your next project.

Geometric Intrigue

Custom windows are not always your standard square or rectangle. Consider a large circle, hexagon, or another shape to make as the focal point of your room.

Extra Large Dimensions

Making a window extra big or extra long can give you a great view, as well as become the best part of your bedroom. We also love the idea of an entire wall of windows to give you the feeling of bringing the outside in. If you are worried about not getting enough sleep due to extra natural light, talk to us about room darkening options.

Add Doors

Sometimes a window is simply not enough in a master bedroom space. If you can add a balcony to your room, you simply must add a set of glass doors. French doors look beautiful in any classic space, but you can find plenty of options to match your style.

Add Skylights

If a window is not an option right now, consider a customized skylight or tunnel. These additions are lovely in the bedroom space, in the master closet, or even in the master bedroom.

Are you ready to show your master bedroom some love with a new custom window? Give our team a call to get started, or stop by our new office, now located at 1740 International Parkway in Woodridge. We would love to review your budget and your options.

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