Choosing a Custom Window

Your house’s windows are a key architectural design component that showcase your personal style. When it comes time to invest in new windows, you may find yourself wondering if there is a way to make changes to the style, shape, and design of your current windows. Fortunately, when you work with Rusco, you are working with a team who specializes in custom windows.

For more than 81 years, our team has helped homeowners choose the best windows for their homes, and install the new custom windows efficiently. Our handiwork is scattered throughout Chicagoland, and you can enjoy a new custom window in your home too!

Find the right window type
As you begin to choose your custom window, start by deciding on the type of window. Double hung windows are a popular choice for high traffic areas, as they provide easy cleaning. However, casement windows are an excellent choice as well. If you are looking for access to the outdoors, perhaps a sliding door would be your best bet.

Determine the size and shape
Custom windows are available in your specific measurements. We love creating custom windows in traditional shapes as well as windows in more bold designs. If you aren’t quite sure what shape or size would work for your home, a representative from Ruscowould be happy to meet at your home and give their thoughts and guidance. Our decades of experience have given us an eye for what works best!

Install and enjoy
Contrary to what you may think, custom window installation is not a cumbersome or long process. Our team of installation professionals work efficiently to seamlessly install your window. Even better, we are sure to leave your home clean when we are done. You will love gazing out your new window and wonder how you ever lived without your new addition.

Are you curious about what a custom window could do for your home’s style and curb appeal? Give us a callor stop by our showroom to see samples and begin planning your next home improvement investment.

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