Check Screens This Spring to Prevent Pests from Invading

With spring edging ever closer, it’s time to start thinking about taking your screens out of storage and putting them back on the windows. You will want to have them on before the weather gets too warm, so you can open the windows in your house without worrying about flies and other pests getting inside.

Examine All Screens

Once you have your screens out of storage, inspect them to ensure they are still in good shape. Start at the center of the screen and look for any cuts, holes, or gaps that might allow insects to get into your home. Work your way outward and check the edges. These areas are prone to damage and part of the screen may have separated from the frame.

Replace Damaged Screens

If you notice holes or tears in the screen, even small ones, think about replacing them. Otherwise, they will let all manner of pests into your home, which is the last thing you need. When getting a replacement, double-check check the size and type of window to ensure you are buying the correct screen.

Keep the Screens in Good Shape with Proper Storage

In many parts of the country, winter weather means you need to take off the window screens to prevent damage. It might seem like a hassle to do this each year, but if you don’t, you will continue to have damaged screens year after year that needs to be replaced. Be sure to take them off in the early fall when the temperatures start to turn.

Once they are off, make sure they are cleaned before they go into storage. Clean the frame with warm, soapy water. Depending on how dirty the screens are, you can use a lint roller on them, or you can wipe the screen down, also using soapy water. Hose it down carefully to remove excess soap and then let it dry completely before storing.

You need a safe place where you can store the screens. The attic or garage could work, as long as they won’t be bumped and damaged. They should either be laid flat or standing upright in a dry area where the temperature is consistent. Cover them with plastic to keep off dust and dirt.

A little care with storage can ensure your screens last for many years without any problems. Contact Rusco Windows & Doors to learn more!

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