Celebrating 80 Years of Business

As a new year rings in the promise of something new, we spend most of our January looking back as we celebrate our anniversary. This year, our usual anniversary reflection takes on a special meaning as we have achieved a milestone that not many other local small businesses can claim – as of January 2017, Rusco Windows and Doors celebrates 80 years of serving the Chicagoland area.

What began as a small family business in 1937 has since grown and changed over the past 80 years. But one thing remains the same – the commitment to the customer experience. “We’re here to help our customers make good choices for their home, based on their preferences and lifestyle,” says Tom DiFiglio, Owner of Rusco Windows and Doors. “That has never changed, and it’s why we are still around serving new generations of customers around the Chicagoland area.”

Rusco remains a family operated business, now seeing its third generation of employees. “Eighty years is a long time,” says DiFiglio. “And longevity translates to success. So much of that success comes from our team and our knowledge of the area.”


DiFiglio notes that the family component doesn’t just mean something on the business side of things. “When we have customers here – now and 50 years ago – they become a part of our family too. We love it when we see a new customer who was referred from a family member years ago. Our dedication to giving our customers the very best experience possible, from design to installation, hasn’t changed over the past eight decades.”

If you have been a customer at Rusco yesterday or sixty years ago, we thank you. Without you, without your referrals and trust, we would never be able to serve Chicagoland for as long as we have. What a lovely ride it has been – we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Rusco Windows & Doors:

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