Casement Windows Offer Great Airflow

There is one type of window that is often over-looked by homeowners: casement windows. Casement windows open like a door, to the left or right. But, instead of a knob they are operated by a crank that turns to swing open the window. Casement windows offer fantastic insulation and often close air tight.

This comes in handy if you live in an area that experiences rain or storms often. Casement windows are weather tight because their seal meets the sash right on for airtight closure. Casement windows must have screens of the inside because they open at an outward angle. They’re incredible at delegating airflow into your home and can act like a chute to pull a cool breeze into your house.

Not everyone is a huge fan of casement windows though. Many people do not appreciate the additional mechanical parts (such as the crank shaft). The parts are handled often which means they have a high likelihood of breaking from repeated use. Casement windows are more exposed to environmental elements like rain, snow and sun because they open outwards. This may increase the wear-and-tear process.

There are definitely pros and cons to casement windows just like any other types of windows. They can often be found in kitchens because they have the ability to act like a vent and pull smoke and scents outside. Be sure to consult Rusco for all of your window shopping needs.

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