Can Skylights Make Your Home Healthier?

Skylights may be seen as luxurious remodels to a home but the truth is, they offer fantastic energy and health benefits. With skylights you’ll be bringing in more natural light at all times of the day. Other windows may face north, south east or west but with skylight’s your home’s orientation doesn’t matter. Though skylights are a larger remodeling project than most types of windows, they offer fantastic benefits for years to come.


Energy Efficiency

Skylights have the potential to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Passive solar heating in the winter time allows your home to heat up without any gas or electricity, thus reducing your energy bill. Skylights maximize a home’s natural lighting which reduces the need for lamps and other lighting during the day the day time. They can also be strategically shaded during the summer months to keep your house from heating up.


Health Benefits

Not only will skylights improve your home’s energy efficiency but they’ll also improve your quality of life. Natural lighting allows you to take in more vitamin D which can increase your skin health along with your mood. Skylights can also offer greater insulation than other types of windows, blocking out loud sounds and cold temperatures.

Skylights will cost you a little more upfront, but the savings and benefits you’ll see in a few years are beyond worth it. Energy savings alone mean the skylights will eventually pay for themselves and they’ll make your home healthier in the process.  Start doing your research today then call a family company that’s been serving its neighbors in the western Chicagoland suburbs since 1937. Call Rusco for your home remodeling needs.

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