Can a New Color of Siding Make Your House Look Newer?

When you get new siding, it can make a huge impact on the visual aspect of your home. It can help bring an out-of-date house up so that it looks modern and contemporary. What about if all you want is a change of color or what happens if you know you will need your siding replaced in the near future? The same can hold true, depending on how you have the new color done. If what you want is a refresh to a lighter or darker shade of its current color, it may not do much. However, if you opt to go for a totally new look on the opposite side of the color spectrum, it can make your house look totally different and new.

Color is a Very Important Aspect of Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The color of siding that you pick is going to impact what people think of your home, including you. People who pick specific colors subconsciously are looking for specific feelings or opinions of their homes. If you want your home to look refreshed, new, and inviting, a color change may be able to provide all those things. For people who currently have a dark house, a bright coat of paint or new color for your siding could help your home look bigger and cleaner. For those with a light color to begin with can opt for a darker color if they want their home to look regal or statelier.

Here are some of the feelings associated with colors that could help you pick the color of your siding a little easier:

  • Blues stand for powerful confidence and success.
  • Yellows relate to happiness and positivity.
  • Reds are associated with love and adventure.
  • Purples lead to increased creativity and spirituality.
  • Orange is for freedom and enthusiasm.
  • Greens are for harmony and healthy.

Rusco Windows Can Help You Pick Out the Perfect Color Siding

When you turn to the experts here at Rusco Windows, you get our years of experience on top of our expertise. We can help narrow down the colors that would look best on your style of home and help you get your new siding installed. Call us today!

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