Brighten Your Home Office with a Larger Window

A well-lit home office is a pleasant place to be. It’s inspiring, fun, and helps you focus to get work done. Adding a larger window to your home office will make it brighter and more inviting. Here are some tips for making this happen!

Tips on Brightening a Home Office with a New Window

1) Avoid dramatic renovations as they can cost thousands of dollars that you may not have, especially if this is a secondary or rental property. Instead, you can add a window to bring the sunlight into your room.

2) Decide which area would benefit from a larger window. Consider where you might put a desk or chair and how much natural light is required in that area. Do not place the window near a heating or cooling source, such as a radiator or air conditioning unit, as the window will be difficult to open and close.

3) Use a tape measure to check whether there is enough space for a larger window to fit in the room as well as enough head height under the ceiling for installation. A typical double-hung window can be  24″ x 36″, though this number varies depending on the manufacturer of your windows.

4) Determine if your current windows are convenient for you or if you would prefer another style. Check whether they tilt in for easy cleaning or open from the bottom sash to get maximum airflow. Before you purchase replacement windows, measure the window opening of each window on your home and compare these measurements with those of standard-sized replacement windows.

5) Use energy-efficient glass for maximum light while reducing drafts and ensuring privacy. Keep in mind that there are different grades of vinyl, uPVC, aluminum, or wood-clad windows that will fit into your home office depending on your preferences.

Call Rusco Windows to Find Out More

If you want to brighten up a room in your home, call us here at Rusco Windows & Doors. Whether you want to add a window to a bedroom, bathroom, or home office, we can help! We can work with you on all the tips from above to ensure you are getting the right window to brighten your room!

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