Bonus Room Custom Window Inspiration

Many homes today have a “bonus room”, a spare living space dedicated to whatever the family finds important. Some bonus rooms are the ideal playroom for busy toddlers with lots of toys. Other families use a bonus room as a game room for teens or as an entertaining space for adults. No matter what you use your bonus room for, be sure you have plenty of natural light by installing custom windows.

Custom windows can make a space more unique, make the room look larger, and can even make the space feel more inviting. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your custom windows for your bonus room.

The Room’s Purpose

You can’t select custom windows for your room until you know what you will be using your bonus room for. Will you use it for watching movies, gaming or lounging? Deciding on the room’s purpose is essential in deciding where to place custom windows, as well as how many custom windows to purchase. For example, a bonus room for movie viewing will have fewer windows than a bright and airy playroom. Further, a bonus room used for exercise should be well ventilated, so be sure your custom windows are easy to open and close during your workouts.

Highlight Your Favorite Views

Your bonus room custom windows should offer you some of your favorite views. Do you have a large yard or a favorite tree that you would like to see more often? A custom window can make that dream a reality. In contrast,  if you are by a busy street, you may want to avoid placing your custom windows facing that way and instead place the windows on another side.

Shapes and Sizes

Your bonus room custom windows should look like they have always been there. Work with your consultant at Rusco to choose shapes and styles that will complement your existing windows and seamlessly work with your house’s exterior architecture.

Consider larger sized windows to make your bonus room appear larger, and opt for smaller sized windows if you are using the bonus room for movie viewing. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes or sizes throughout your room either; it can create visual interest and enhance your personal style.

With so many options available it is always helpful to have a professional at your side to guide you in the right direction. Our team at Rusco is here to help you begin your project today!

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