Beware of Storm Chasers: How to Repair Damages After a Storm

The Western Chicagoland area experiences some serious weather conditions. From tornadoes to hail storms, Western Chicagoland has seen it all and consequently felt its aftermath. Unfortunately, the dangers of the storm do not end when the storm does – that’s only the beginning.

These storms have left many questioning home improvements such as window insulation, how much does a deck cost, and roof repairs. These storms  have also raised questions of who to trust to do the repairs, and rightfully so. There have been many people in the past year or so that have been taken advantage of by “Storm Chasers.” Storm Chasers are scammers looking to take advantage of people who already experienced a terrible event. They’re people who drive around in their freshly painted trucks to areas that recently faced wretched storms, knocking on your door and pointing out hail damage, roof damage, wind damage  and other damage that hasn’t actually affected your home! Storm Chasers often pretend to be contractors or insurance agents.

They’re quick talkers from out of town and they will make you feel entitled to a new roof, saying what they must in an effort to get you to sign their contract and/or scam you and the insurance company out of money! Storm Chasers are the real dangers of the storm and once they hit, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them again.

While home insurance and car insurance policies generally cover storm damage, it’s a good idea to review your coverage. If your home does incur damage during a storm, be sure to call a family company that’s been serving the western Chicagoland suburbs since 1937. Call Rusco.

Rusco Windows & Doors:

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