Benefits of New Windows

Are you on the fence about installing new windows in your home? Willing to put it off until next year? Well, you shouldn’t wait. The are immediate benefits to replacing your home’s windows. A home remodel can be a stressful time but once it’s over you’ll be more than happy you went through with it. So what benefits can replacement windows offer your home?

Replacement windows offer added security to your home. Windows are tested for forced entry and can come with multiple locks for increased security. Home security will give you peace of mind whenever you leave your home.

Low Maintenance
New windows are designed to be as low maintenance as possible. Vinyl and fiberglass window frames are extremely durable and some factory’s pay for the window frame’s entire lifespan. Not to mention the hardware for these windows have undergone thousands of tests to ensure they’ll hold up in adverse conditions.

Financial Benefits
Think of replacement windows as an investment, not a purchase. With all the money you save in energy bills, they windows will practically pay for themselves. Replacing old windows can lower bills by over 25%. The cost savings are an immediate benefit.

You’ll want your windows to be able to adapt to the season changes. Replacement windows will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Different types of energy efficient windows can help control the temperature and comfort of your home.

Replacement windows will benefit any home. Great manufacturers like Pella, Marvin and Thermal Industries will ensure your home is fitted with quality windows for years to come. Contact Rusco for an estimate or come on down to our showroom to see these beautiful windows first hand. Follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for our latest updates.

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