Are Rodents Chewing Holes in Your Siding?

It’s not unusual for rodents to chew holes in siding before winter sets in. During the winter, mice will gather food and chew through exterior walls to create a hole large enough for them to enter into your home. Once inside, they’ll search for warmth and shelter–which is often found tucked away inside insulation or under your floorboards.

Rodents Can Cause a Huge Amount of Damage

As uninvited guests, mice cause more than $250 million worth of property damage each year, according to research. They also leave behind urine stains and droppings that attract other pests like cockroaches and beetles, causing further damage–and potential health hazards.

If your siding is chewed up, then chances are, something inside your home is chewed as well. Mice need to chew because their teeth continually grow. So, if they get into your home, your wiring, insulation, and framing is fair game to them. Unfortunately, that increases the risk of home problems, ranging from a home with far less insulation to a home that could become a fire hazard at any moment.

If you have mice or small rats in or right around your home, chances are you also have larger predators not far away. This can include cats and dogs on the tame end, to predatory birds, badgers, or large wild cats on the more ferocious end.

Rodents aren’t just unappealing; they’re also potentially dangerous—carrying fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can spread disease across your family. They also carry diseases that you can pick up from rodent bites, so if you see any signs of a rodent chewing on your siding, you need to get help – fast.

For Help Repairing Your Siding, Call Rusco Windows Today!

If you’ve noticed chewed siding or any other sign that your siding is in disrepair, then contact us here at Rusco Windows & Doors. We can come out, inspect your siding and let you know what options are available. If you need to replace your siding, we can even bring out different color choices and help you pick out the color of siding you think would look best on your home!

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