Are Architectural Windows Worth Their Cost?

Many homeowners consider architectural windows when their home needs an upgrade. These windows are beautiful, but they are also more expensive. Is there anything specific about them that makes the increased cost worth the difference? Of course, there is. Architectural windows can give your home a boost, well beyond their curb appeal. Here are some great benefits of getting these put on your home.

Why Should You Opt for Architectural Windows?

Here are some of the most important benefits that come with architectural windows.

  • They can look like any material you want. So, if your home is cedar shake, you can get architectural windows that match.
  • They require very little maintenance. During the warm weather, they are easy to rinse and clean.
  • Their energy efficiency is high, meaning they cost less to have on your home when it comes to paying utility bills.
  • Many architectural windows add resale value to your home. This means that when you go to sell your home in the future, you will likely get a portion of the investment back.
  • These windows are made to last for a very long time. The materials allow them to last for decades instead of just a few years, like low-end materials.

Understanding the Cost of Windows

While window replacement costs vary greatly, a lot goes into determining the price tag. All things considered even, a small window made of aluminum could cost you around $100, while an architectural window made of composite materials could cost $2,000. However, the lifespan, cost-savings, and ease of use all add up. If you have to replace a low end window 10 times in the timespan of one good-quality window, that’s at least half of the cost right there. Plus, if you add in the utility cost savings, the money you save long-term adds up quickly.

Rusco Windows is Here to Help!

When you know your home needs upgraded windows, call us so we can discuss the best options for your needs. We often talk to homeowners about getting architectural windows because they look great and offer so many benefits. Contact us here at Ruscoto find out more today!

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